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Die Berge im Nebel auf dem Zürichsee: Foto des Zürichsees von Tomoko Yamamoto

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Mountains in Mist, Lake Zurich, Switzerland, early morning lake scene of mountains in the background with mist rising up: Photo of Lake Zurich, Switzerland by Tomoko Yamamoto

At the eastern end of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, a view on the lake includes mountains in low-lying mist and layers of clouds over them against a blue sky. A view similar to this might have presented itself when Goethe first went to Zurich and rowed a boat onto the lake. On the occasion of his first visit to Zurich and its surrounding, Goethe wrote the poem of "Auf dem See" which was later set to music by Franz Schubert. If you are interested in personal use of this photo, you can download from my PhotoShelter site.

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Update:June 20, 2018