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HOME>Photos/Pictures>Travel>Italy>Venice, Venezia, Venedig>Campanile di San Marco/St. Mark's Tower/Markusturme in late afternoon sun, Venice, Italy: Photo/Picture/Foto by Tomoko Yamamoto
Campanile of San Marco is lit with late afternoon sun along with the main façade of the Basilica of San Marco in the background: Photo/Picture/Foto of Venice, Italy, Venezia, Italia, Venedig, Italien by Tomoko Yamamoto
Campanile of San Marco in Late Afternoon Sun, Venice, Italy
Photo and Copyright by Tomoko Yamamoto

This shot, made during my 2004 stay in Montegrotto in late May, highlights the Campanile of San Marco (Markusturme, St. Mark's Tower) in Venice, Italy (Venedig, Italien, Venezia, Italia) in the center right and the Basilica's main façade in the background in the late afternoon sunlight, casting the piazza grounds in the shadows. The eastern sky was covered heavily by clouds with only several small openings, but there was enough sunlight from the northwest to make this photo. This was the last one of my several bracketed exposures on the Olmpus OM-4Ti with a shift lens, the OM Zuiko 24mm f/3.5. The largest file available now is about 60MB.
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Update: November 17, 2007