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Photos/Pictures/Fotos/Bilder of Italy/Italia/Italien by Tomoko Yamamoto
Photos/Pictures/Fotos of Venice, Italy, a town on the largest of lagoon islands facing the Adriatic Sea: Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Doge's Palace, Grand Canal, San Giorgio Maggiore, Santa Maria della Salute, Bridge of Sighs, gondoliers and gondolas... Campanile of San Marco in late afternoon sun, Photo/Picture/Foto of Venice, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto

Venedig, Italien, die Stadt auf dem grosseste Lagoon Insel
Photos/Pictures/Fotos of Verona, Italy:
Loggia del Consiglio, Inside the Arena, Views across the River Adige of Ponte Scaligero and Castel San Pietro, San Zeno Maggiore
Peopla resting or walking in front of a Renaissance building, Loggia del Consiglio: photo/picture/foto of Verona, Italy by Tomoko YamamotoVerona, Italien
Padua, ItalyPadua and Its Vicinity: Streets and buildings including the Basilica di Sant' Antonio or St. Anthony or il Santo, and Villa Pisani outside of Padua Padova, Italien
Milan, ItalyPhotos of Milan Cathedral and Life in Apartment Building Mailand, Italien

Tomoko Yamamoto, a Japanese artist, first went to Italy in 2000. She was looking for a group of mountains which would glow in the setting sun. Why? She was interested in a multimedia presentation of one of two songs composed by Franz Schubert in Bad Gastein in Austria. The texts of the both were written by Johann Ladislaus Pyrker, who was the Patriarch of Venice at the time. The song is called, "Das Heimweh," Homesickness. The mountainscapes she shot are in the landscape photo gallery, while the urban landscapes she shot in Northern Italy are in this gallery.


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1992-2006 Tomoko Yamamoto
Update: March 5, 2007