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Steyr, a town at the junction of two rivers, the Steyr and the Enns Steyr from TaborSteyr, die Stadt zwischen den Flüssen Steyr und Enns
Kremsmünter Monastery Stift Kremsmünster
Gmunden, Town by Lake TraunGmunden from Kalvarienberg Gmunden am Traunsee
Badgastein, Hot Spring Resort Thermalkurort Bad Gastein
Tomoko Yamamoto, a Japanese artist, first went to Austria as a member of Chancel Choir at the Second Presbyterian Church of Baltimore, Maryland in 1992. She went back on her own several times. Initially she will present her photos of four places, Steyr, Kremsmünster, Gmunden, and Bad Gastein, the four spots which constitute her Schubert multimedia show, tentatively titled, "Schubert in 1825." Additional photos (Fotos, Bilder, images, pictures) of Austria, including those of Vienna and Salzburg need to be scanned and uploaded later.

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