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Orange Wash: Impressionist reflection photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Shadowy Figure: Anthropomorphic impressionistic photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Reddish Thing with Tentacles:Impressionist Reflection Photo with anthropomorphism by Tomoko Yamamoto
Orange Wash
Shadowy Figure
Reddish Thing with Tentacles

Description: Three images included in this gallery were taken in 2001 utilizing telephoto lenses on the Olympus OM-4T/Ti Black, a 35mm SLR camera. Presumably because I employed strong telephoto lenses, these photos show close-ups of reflections of fall colors in the water. I saw in two of the resultant images human and/or animal characteristics, hence the titles of the images, "Shadowy Figure" and "Reddish Thing with Tentacles." These are the results of stopping the motion of reflecting trees in the water or fall colors. In "Reddish Thing with Tentacles," I have a curled leaf which looks like a human hand. The tile refers to several curved extensions which look like tentacles of an octopus. Be sure to look at this enlarged version to appreciate the effects. One needs an imaginative spirit to appreciate these photographs. Please note that I have a small body of works in looking at nature objects with imagination, and only one of them, called "Snakes" is online at this website at the moment.

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Update: December 12, 2007