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HOME>Photos>Impressionist Reflection Photos> Impressionist Reflection Photographs in Panorama, 1999 by Tomoko Yamamoto
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gold-colored reflections in the water forming fan-like shape: panorama impressionist reflection photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Golden Waves
Impressionistic depiction of fall colors reflected in the water in a panorama format: Impressionist panorama photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Panorama Impressions
White flowers, Japanese honeysuckle, reflected in the water along with a rocky bank at Herring Run: Impressionist panorama photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
White Flowers in Reflection
Reflection of green leaves in the water resulting in scale-like pattern: Impressionist panorama photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Green Scales
A rock in the water with a background of reflections of bare trees in early spring: Impressionist panorama photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Rock and Reflections
Reflection of a late autumn forest in the water with left-over fall colors here and there: Impressionist panorama photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Thousand Colors
Copyright ©1999 Tomoko Yamamoto, all rights reserved.


Description:These panoramic impressionist reflection photographs were taken with the Mamiya 6 (or 6MF), a medium-format rangefinder, along the stream of Herring Run in Herring Run Park in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Normally the resultant image would be square, but I cropped the top and bottom to make this panorama format. The lens was the Mamiya G150mm/4.5 lens with a front-mounting telephoto extender sometimes attached to obtain stronger telephoto effects. Three of the above photos, "White Flowers in Reflection," "Rcok and Reflection," and "Green Scales" are spring and summer photos while the rest were taken in the fall showing fall colors in varying degrees.
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Update: January 15, 2007