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Reflection Abstract: impressionistic reflection photo devoid of land or nature beinf reflected, by Tomoko Yamamoto
Reflection Abstract
Glitters: impressionistic reflection photo of light-colored fall colors glittering in morning sunlight, by Tomoko Yamamoto
Colors in Ripples: impressionistic treatment of a series of rippled reflection of trees against brown riverbed, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Colors in Ripples
Cubic Reflections: brown leaves reflected in water form cubism-like texture, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Cubic Reflections
Autumnal Hues: three layers of pictures, reflection of red leaves, tree limb reflections and the brown riverbed form this impressionistic photo of autumnal hues, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Autumnal Hues
Running Colors: Still greenish Weeping willows reflected in water captured impressionistically by photography, photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Running Colors
Copyright 1997 Tomoko Yamamoto, all rights reserved.


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Update: October 9, 2007