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List of Galleries in English, German and Italian with Sample Images

Reflection Photos: Impressionist Reflection photos in six galleries according to the years photos were taken from 1990 through 2002.

Chaos: impressionist reflection photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Reflexion Fotos: Impressionistisch Fotos organisiert nach dem Jahren, vom 1990 bis 2002, wann diese Aufnahme gemacht wurde.

Fotos di Riflesso: Fotos imprressionista

Travel Photos :Secular buildings, street scenes including processions

Europe: Germany (Eisenach, Erfurt, Weissenfels);
Austria (Vienna, Steyr, Kremsmünster, Gmunden, Badgastein);
Italy (Venice, Padua, Verona)
Side Canal in Venice: photo of Venice, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto

Reise Fotos: Profane Gebäude, Strasseszenen inklusiv Prozession

Europa: Deutschland (Eisenach, Erfurt, Weissenfels);
Österreich (Wien, Steyr, Kremsmünster, Gmunden, Badgastein);
Italien (Venedig, Padova, Verona)

Fotos di Viaggio: Construzione profano, szene strada

Europa: Germania (Eisenach, Erfurt, Weissenfels);
Austria (Vienna, Steyr, Kremsmünster, Gmunden, Badgastein;
Italia (Venezia, Padova, Verona)

Photos of Churches:Exterior and interior including doors, pulpits, organs, windows, and altars

Europe: (Germany, Austria, Italy, England, and Scotland)
USA: Maryland: (Baltimore Presbytery Photo Project and Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland)
Bartholomaeueskirche, Altar: photo of churches, Germany by Tomoko Yamamoto

Fotos der Kirchen:Außen und innen inklusiv Türen, Kanzel, Orgel, Fenster, und Altar

Europa: (Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, England, und Schottland)
USA: Maryland: (Baltimore Presbytery Photo Project and Second Presbyterian Church in Baltimore)

Fotos di Chiesa:esterno e interno, portale, pulpito, organo, vestrata colorata finestrella, e altare

Europa: (Germania, Austria, Italia, Inghiterra, und Scozia)
USA: Maryland: (Baltimore Presbytery Photo Project and Second Presbyterian Church (Chiesa) in Baltimore)

Landscape Photos: Scenic landscapes of mountains, lakes, rivers, seascapes in Europe, US, and Japan

Alpenrose and Geisler Peaks

Landschaft Aufnahme: Schöne Landschaft der Bergen, Seen, Flusse, Ozeane in Europa, USA, und Japan

Passagio: montagna, lago, fiumme in Europa, USA, e Giappone

Bach Photos:Bach Monuments, Churches and Interior structures (organs, baptismal font, grave)

Bach Statue, Eisenach

Bach Fotos: Bach Denkmäler, Kirchen (Innere und Ausser:Orgel, Taufstein, Grab)

Bach Fotos: Bach Monumento, Chiesa (interno e esterno:organo, fonte battesimale, grave)

Schubert-related Photos:Schubert Monument, Relief, Grabe
Schubert Bust, Gmunden
Schubert Fotos:Schubert Denkmäler, Relief, Gräber Schubert Fotos:Schubert Monumento, Relief, Grave

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