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Rights-Managed Licensing
What is rights-managed licensing?

None of my photographs are royalty-free. The use of any of my copyrighted images requires my permission and payment for rights-managed licensing including any web usage. It is important for you to remember that in licensing, I am not selling my images, but selling the license for you to use images. You become an end-user of my copyrighted images and are not allowed to transfer the use to anyone.

Rights-managed licensing for the use of any images is dependent on the type of use and the size of circulation, and the size of a desired image. Please indicate who you are (private, non-profit, educational, or commercial), and the type of usage and the size of circulation and the distribution of your publication in your inquiries. For website images, distribution is assumed to be worldwide. At the moment, no royalty-free images are available at Tomoko-Yamamoto.com. Payments are accepted through PayPal or direct transfer to my small business bank account in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. With PayPal, I can send an electronic invoice which you can pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account in a currency of your choice. In addition to your payment, you are required to sign my licensing agreement. (Download a sample agreement.)

At my Photoshelter galleries, you may get online quotes for rights-managed licenses for most of my more than 50 images at my PhotoShelter site. You can pick mostly any image in my travel photography galllery collection and find out the Fotoquote prices I set, which will be the starting point for negotiation if necessary. If you enter my name, Tomoko Yamamoto, the search engine below will bring up all my images at Photoshelter. You may contact me using the form available at the PhotoShelter site.

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Update: November 28, 2007