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Churches in Germany: Photos/Pictures/Fotos by Tomoko Yamamoto

Kirchen in Deutschland/Chiesa in Germania
Cathedral of St. Mary and Church of St. Severus, Night View
Erfurt, Germany
Erfurt Dom and Severikirche
Dom St. Marien und Severikirche bei Nacht,
Erfurt, Thüringen

Veduta Notturna della Duomo di Santa Maria e della Chiesa di San Severo
Catholic Court Church and Dresden Night Skyline
Katholische Hofkirche
Katholische Hofkirche und Semper bei Nacht
Veduta Notturna della Chiesa di Corte die Dresda
Tower at St. Jacobi (St. James Church), Hamburg, Germany
Tower at St. Jacobi, Hamburg
Jacobikircheturm, Hamburg

Torre della Chiesa di San Giacobbe, Hamburga, Germania
Pulpit and Altar at Georgenkirche, Eisenach, Germany
Pulpit and altar at Georgenkirche
Georgenkirche, Kanzel und Altar, Eisenach, Thüringen

Chiesa di San Giorgio, Pulpito e Altare, Eisenach, Germania
Ducal Chapel, Altar, Weissenfels, Germany
Schlosskirche Altar, Weissenfels
Schlosskirche, Altar, Weissenfels

Chiesa di Castello, Altare, Weissenfels, Germania
St. Bartholomew's Church, Altar, Dornheim, Germany
Altar at Bartholomaeuskirche, Dornheim
Bartholomäuskirche, Altar, Dornheim, Thüringen

Chiesa di San Bartolomeo, Dornheim, Turingia
St. Thomas' Church, West Doorway, Leipzig
Thomaskirche West Doorway
Thomaskirche, Westportal, Leipzig, Sachsen

Chiesa di San Tommaso, facciata, Lipsia, Germania

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Update: October 7, 2006