Schubert's Relief, Schubertkirche

Franz Schubert was born on January 31, 1797 and baptized in the Lichtentaler Pfarrkirche (now Schubertkirche) located at the corner of Marktgasse and Lichtentalergasse (see a map of this area.) The memorial plaque states in German: Franz Schubert wurde in dieser Kirche 1797 getauft und wirkte hier als ausübender und schaffender Künstler. (Franz Schubert was baptized in this church in 1797 and worked here as professional and productive artist.)

Schubert's Relief at Schubertkirche
Schubert's Relief, Schubertkirche, Vienna, Austria
© 1994 Tomoko Yamamoto

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Update May 21, 2005