Schubert's Bust in Währing

Franz Schubert died on Noveber 19, 1828 in the apartment of his younger brother, Ferdinand, located on Kettenbrückengasse 6 in the fourth district of Vienna. Schubert was first buried in the Währinger Friedhof (Währing Cemetery) next to Beethoven because Ferdinand heard his wish to be next to Beethoven. The Währing Cemetery has become a park named Schubert Park. The graves of both Schubert and Beethoven were moved to the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna in 1888. This bust was made by sculptor Josef A. Dialer. The epitaph written by Franz Grillparzer reads in German: Die Tonkunst begrub hier einen reichen Besitz aber noch viel schönere Hoffnungen. (The art of music buried here a rich posession and yet much finer hopes.)

Schubert Bust in Waehring
Schubert's Bust in Währing, Vienna, Austria
© 1996 Tomoko Yamamoto

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Update May 21, 2005