Schubert's Plaque at Saeulengasse 3

The current address of Säulengasse 3, formerly Vorstadt Himmelpfortgrund Nr. 10, is the address to which the Schubert family moved in 1801 from Nussdorferstrasse in the same neighborhood. While Nussdorferstrasse is a major street along which the streetcars (37 & 38) currently run, Saeulengasse is a short cross street between Währinger Strasse and Nussdorferstrasse. See a map of this area. Schubert's father moved his family to this house because of a school he was operating. Franz Schubert came back to this house after he had attended the Stadtkonvikt, a boarding school in the innercity of Vienna mainly for boys singing in the imperial court chapel choir which later become the Vienna Boys Choir. The plaque in front of the house reads in German the following: Schubert hat dieses Haus vom Jahre 1801 an durch eine lange Reihe von Jahren bewohnt. Hier als Schulgehilfe seines Vaters gewirkt und zahlreiche unvergängliche Werke darunter den Erlkönig geschaffen. (Schubert lived in this house for many years since 1801. Here he worked as an assistant in his father's school and created many immortal works including "Der Erlköning".)

The house was a garage called Schubert Garage when I photographed the front in 1994. It has a courtyard behind this entrance, which might have been utilized by the auto garage. Although the house looks small compared to the Nussdorferstrasse house which is now the Schubert museum, this house must have belonged to the Schubert family only, which made it more advantageous than the prior house. The camera was the OM-4TBlack.

Saeulengasse 3

Schubert's Plaque at Seulengasse 3
in Vienna, Austria
© 1994 Tomoko Yamamoto

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Update May 22, 2006