Cirrocumulus Clouds
over Loch Doine, Scotland

This photo of Loch Doine and the next one of Loch Katrine are only two of many photographs I took in my 2000 visit to the Trossachs area. The area I am interested in for my Schubert Project is part of the new Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park. This view is from the west of the lake, in the Balquhidder Glen, off the road extending westward from the Kingshouse Hotel near the junction to the A84. The lake is connected to the River Larig to the west and to Loch Voil to the east. In my photo, you can see Loch Voil stretching beyond a boundary wood. I was fortunate that John Epps, my host at Crannaig House in Aberfoyle during my 2000 visit, kindly took me around the whole Trossachs area related to Canto III of Sir Walter Scott's "Lady of the Lake."

The camera was the Mamiya 6MF with the 50mm/4 and the Fuji Provia 100 (120).

2000 Tomoko Yamamoto

The print is made digitally on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper and is signed on the back by the artist along with the title and printing date. No copyright mark is on the print.

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Update: May 10, 2005