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HOME>Photos>Landscape>Austria>Gmunden and Its Vicinity>Traunstein in Alpenglow, Altmuenster Pier by Tomoko Yamamoto
Traunstein in Alpenglow, Almuenster Pier
Traunstein in Alpenglow, Altmuenster Pier, Austria
© 1996 Tomoko Yamamoto

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Description:The rocky face of Traunstein dominates the Traunsee, Lake Traun, located in the eastern part of Salzkammergut. This shot of Traunstein in alpenglow and the rest of scene in evening glow is from the pier in Altmuenster, a neighboring town of Gmunden located southwest to Gmunden.

Die Felswand des Traunstein am Traunsee gesehen von Altmünster im Abendlicht.

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Update: March 26, 2007