Alpenglow on the Geislerspitzen

In the evening the Geislerspitzen in the Dolomites glows as the rocky peaks reflect reddish sunlight. This breathtaking glow is called 'Enrosadira', 'Alpenglow', 'Alpenglühen'. This photograph is the last of several photos I took from Tschanduihof in Coll with the 65-200mm zoom lens on my Olympus OM-4TBlack. The other photos are Geislerspitzen from Coll and St. Johann in Ranui.

Alpenglow on Geislerspitzen
Coll, Villnöss, Italy
Geislerspitzen in sunset glow, Dolomites
© 2001 Tomoko Yamamoto

The Lightjet print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper is signed on the back by the photographer
and these prints are estimated to last 60+ years. Copyright notice is not on the print.

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Update: February 18, 2006