Bach Statue

This is a monument to Bach located near the Bachhaus, the Bach museum, in Eisenach, Germany. This monument consists of a Bach statue which sits on top of the base with an inscription of JOH. SEB. BACH (The J in the inscription looks like I). It faces an area called "Frauenplan." The monument is surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Note in the center of the fence surrounding the garden Bach's seal (Bachs Siegel) without a crown on top. It seems that there must be a trend of surrounding a monument with a flower garden although flowers around the grave have been common. I've noticed that a Luther statue in Eisenach and a Schubert statue in Vienna are also decorated with a flower garden. The camera was the Mamiya 6 with the 50mm/4 lens and the film was the Fujichrome Astia 100 (Fuji RAP).

J. S. Bach Statue
Bach Statue by Adolf von Donndorf (1884)
in Eisenach, Germany
1999 Tomoko Yamamoto

Keywords: Johann Sebastian Bach, Bach statue, Bach monument, monument to Bach, Bach-Denkmal, Eisenach, am Frauenplan

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Update: August 29, 2006