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Baudmannsdorf Entrance, Lower Silesia, Poland


Winterreise: Part 1
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As I became more involved in photographing possible landscapes in "Winterreise", I became more interested in learning
what took place during the few years when Wilhelm Müller was a soldier during the War of Liberation. I decided to visit
the places other than Brussels beginning in May, 2016. That was when I visited Kaub, where the famous crossing of the
Rhine took place in 1813. I saw a view toward Kaub on my return trip on the train to Vienna on the other side of the Rhine.
I recognized it as the same view which the soldiers had upon crossing according to the drawing which came with the history booklet.
Therefore, in addition to any love experience in Brussels, Wilhelm Müller must have used his experience during the War of Liberation
in "Winterreise." He probably used it creatively without making the writing look like a memoir to record his observation and experience
literally. With this idea in mind I have begun to explore Müller's war experience.
Wilhelm Müller, Werke Tagebücher, Briefe published by Maria-Verena Leistner, 5 Bde, Berlin, 1994.
Erika von Borries, "Wilhelm Müller, Der Dichter der "Winterreise": Eine Biographie" C.H. Beck, ISBN 978 3 406 56212 9
Michael V. Leggiere, "Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813" Volume 1, 2015 Camebridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K.
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