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Der stürmische Morgen :Photo and Text by Tomoko Yamamoto

baudmannsdorf_wolkenfetzen_web_600.jpg,  Photo 2017 by Tomoko Yamamoto

Der stürmische Morgen

Text: Wilhelm Müller
Translation by ©2017 Tomoko Yamamoto

Wie hat der Sturm zerrissen
Des Himmels graues Kleid,
Die Wolkenfetzen flattern
Umher in mattem Streit,
Umher in mattem Streit.

Und rote Feuerflammen
Ziehn zwischen ihnen hin,
Das nenn ich einen Morgen
So recht nach meinem Sinn.

Mein Herz sieht an dem Himmel
Gemalt sein eignes Bild,
Es ist nichts als der Winter
Es ist nichts als der Winter
Der Winter kalt und wild.
How did the storm break
The gray clothes of the sky?
The scrap of clouds are scattered
Around in lifeless state
Around in lifeless state

And red fire flames
Are passing through the clouds.
This I call a morning
Like my own mind
Like my own mind

My heart looks at the heavens
Painted its own picture
This is nothing but the winter
This is nothing but the winter.
The winter cold and severe.

Note: The text shown above is the exactly the way Franz Schubert used the text when he set it to music including the repeats, which reflect the repeats in the music. The original text may not have repeating phrases.

Keywords: Franz Schubert, Wilhelm Müller, Tomoko Yamamoto, Sturm, Kleid, Wolkenfetzen, Feuerflammen, Morgen, Himmel, Winter

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First Published: July 13, 2017
Last Update: August 18, 2017 © 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto