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A small cemetery in Prosek, Prague, Czech Republic, Copyright 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto
A Small Cemetery in Prague, "Auf einen Totenacker," Photo by © 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto

Das Wirtshaus

German Text: Wilhelm Müller
English Translation by ©2017 Tomoko Yamamoto
Interpretation by ©2017 Tomoko Yamamoto

Auf einen Totenacker
Hat mich mein Weg gebracht,
Allhier will ich einkehren,
Hab ich bei mir gedacht

Ihr grünen Totenkränze
Könnt wohl die Zeichen sein,
Die müde Wandrer laden
Ins kühle Wirtshaus ein.

Sind denn in diesem Hause
Die Kammern all besetzt?
Bin matt zum Niedersinken,
Bin tödlich schwer verletzt.

O unbarmherz'ge Schenke,
Doch weisest du mich ab?
Nun weiter denn, nur weiter
Mein treuer Wanderstab,
Nun weiter denn, nur weiter
Mein treuer Wanderstab.
At the graveyard
My path brought me.
Here I will stay overnight
I thought to myself.

Their green wreaths
Could well be the signs
The weary wanderer welcomed
Into the cool inn.

Are all the rooms occupied
In this house?
I am near collapse
Fatally-severe wounded

O noncompassionate tavern
Do you reject me?
Then go on farther
My faithful hiking poles
Then go on farther
My faithful hiking poles

Note: The text shown above is the exactly the way Franz Schubert used the text when he set it to music including the repeats, which reflect the repeats in the music. The original text may not have repeating phrases.

Keywords: Franz Schubert, Wilhelm Müller, Tomoko Yamamoto, Wirtshaus, Totenacker, Totenkränz, Wanderer, tödlich, verletzt, tavern, funeral wreath, graveyard, cemetery, fatally

First Text Published: November 1, 2017
Photo of Cemetery in Prague by Tomoko Yamamoto
Last Update: November 5, 2017 © 2017 Tomoko Yamamoto