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Water Songs and Water Landscapes: Multimedia Liederabend

Lieder and Songs by Franz Schubert and Tomoko Yamamoto
Slideshow of Photos from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, and Serbia by Tomoko Yamamoto, John Armstrong-Millar, and Srdjan Stevanovic

Performance Date and Place

Tomoko Yamamoto, soprano
TBA, piano

Cancelled, see for the current program in preparation
Kaiserstraße 10
1070 Vienna

Traunstein and the lake of Traun in Upper Austria are glowing red after sunset at the Altmuenster Pier: photo of Traunstein at Traunsee by Tomoko Yamamoto
"Traunstein in Alpenglow from Altmünster Pier"
Castle Ruins are on a rocky outcrip above the Church Tower of an Augstinian monastery at Dürnstein: photo of Dürnstein at the Danube, Austria by Tomoko Yamamoto

"Dürnstein: Church Tower and Castle Ruins"
An early morning view of Mountains in Mist at Lake Zurich, Switzerland: photo of Lake Zurich, Switzerland by Tomoko Yamamoto
"Mountains in Mist, Lake Zurich, Switzerland"


1. On the Lake in Switzerland and Austria: Zuerichsee, Traunsee, and Erlaufsee 2. By the Sea in Japan 3. By the River and the Brook in Austria 4. In the evening and at night in Japan, Austria and Italy

This multimedia song program with slides explores the potential of photographs to illustrate the texts of songs being sung and to help the audience appreciate what the poet and the composer intended.

Program notes for the early version of this program are available in English as PDF. She will be updating the notes as in the present program she has omitted a few songs and added two French songs or expanding the individual text pages to include more background material and at least one photograph each for a song. In actual performances, two to four photographs are shown while in some cases more photographs for a longer and more complex song.

The first performance of a water-song program took place on June 3, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. in Baltimore, Maryland, USA at Faith Presbyterian Church. The program included those marked with one *, six Schubert songs and three Japanese songs. The flyer as PDF for this event is still available for download.

I now have a gallery of ten photos of water landscape in Austria and a gallery of Shirasaki at my Phoshelter site. These photos are available for purchase as prints or license to use.

**John Armstrong-Millar is an Irish photographer based in Pau, France, whose photograph of a gondolier in Venice is included in this program. Also the program includes a photo of 4 rowers in the midst of sunset light reflected in the water by Srdjan Stevanovic, who is a Serbian photographer.

The linked (highlighted) titles of the songs lead to the texts in original languages and their translations into English with photos showing the water landscape related to the text.

Keywords: multimedia performance, multimedia song recital, songs and lieder with slide show, photograph projection, multimedia show, Franz Schubert, Tomoko Yamamoto, Claude Debussy, Reynaldo Hahn, German lieder, French songs, Japanese songs, photographic illustration of text, John Armstrong-Millar, Srdjan Stevanovic, experimental approach to vocal recitals

Last Update: September 1, 2014