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Sun reflections on the water of the Alte Donau in the early morning look like the kind of
"Sun Reflections, Alte Donau"
Copyright Tomoko Yamamoto

Am See    By the Lake
von Franz von Bruchmann (1797-1867)

Translation by Tomoko Yamamoto (Copyright 2014)

In des Sees Wogenspiele
fallen durch den Sonnenschein
Sterne, ach, gar viele, viele
flammend leuchtend stets hinein.

Wenn der Mensch zum See geworden,
in der Seele Wogenspiele
fallen aus des Himmels Pforten
Sterne, ach, gar viele, viele.

Through the playful waves of the lake
The sunshine falls on the lake
Stars, Oh so many, many
Flaming, shining, steadily coming

If the man becomes the lake
In the soul of the playful waves
Fall from the Heaven's gate
Stars, oh so many, many.

Program Note: This is one of five poems by Franz von Bruchmann (1798-1867) that Schubert set.
This phenomenon of the sunshine hitting on the water, creating star-like glows on the water, can be seen only very early in the morning. Goethe, too, saw this phenomenon of star-like twinkles in the water, and described them in his poem, "Auf dem See."
First published: Aug. 25, 2014