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Schubert Park, Gmunden, Austria © 1995 Tomoko Yamamoto


The multimedia show "Schubert in 1825", that I am currently writing, will be a dramatic presentation of Schubert's songs including choruses, which Schubert composed up to 1825, augmented by slide projections of my photographs of the areas he and Johann Michael Vogl visited in the summer of 1825. Recent research points to the possibility that Schubert began composing his Great C-Major Symphony during his travel in 1825 while he was enjoying
Gmunden from Kalvarienberg
a view like this in Gmunden to the left and
Kreuzkogel in Snow
a view of Hohe Mountains from Badgastein. Moreover this travel is well documented, that is, Schubert himself described his impressions to his brother Ferdinand. Unfortunately, he did not complete his travelogue. His account stopped before he and his traveling companion, Michael Vogl, a baritone opera singer, reached Badgastein.

I have visited most of major places they traveled in 1825 including Linz and Salzburg. The best account and the one that motivated me to go is a chapter in Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau's book, Schubert's Songs (Limelight Editions, New York 1984), "Journey to Upper Austria, 1825".

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